About Us

Hello!! Thank you so much for taking the time to find my site! This has truly been a labor of love, and a true fulfillment of my dream come true. Who am I?? That’s the question isn’t it… Ill keep it brief and relevant. I am mom to a beautiful daughter named Everly (She is important to the story 😊) , a wife, and daughter.

I first fell in love with retail when I worked on a sales floor while in college. I just loved being around all the merchandise and seeing what came in first; and how its placement on the sales floor truly made a difference in how the customer interacted with it. This was something I never thought of before until I was in that environment. That is where my love for merchandising started, and you can say it was love at first floor set. I just loved the creativity you could express with merchandise. It sounds so crazy, but It became a true creative outlet for me.

I spent my college years working at one of the biggest surf shops in the area working on the sales floor and merchandising.  Because of this I graduated from Monmouth University and then choose to pursue a degree in Fashion Merchandising at the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising in NYC. I choose an accelerated program in order to receive my degree in a year. After I graduated from LIM I went on to accept an internship from Dillards in Dallas, Texas.  I then pursued my career and ended up buying for a high-end women’s boutique located in Pier Village in Long Branch, NJ. I worked there for several years learning the in’s and out’s of buying for a small boutique environment. The price point was elevated, and the product ranged from $68-$600 per item.  I loved being in this environment but it just very hard to attain. The average customer does not normally spend this much on a single item and I wondered if there was a more affordable way to dress women with out costing an arm and leg.

I was recruited a few years later to work at such a store. This is where I really learned more about affordable fashion. I spent the next ten years working in this environment. I became familiar with all the brands and trend forecasting. I was working as a buyer, web site monitor, and social media coordinator. I had a wonderful job and was happy. However, 2020 happened and everything changed. I spent more time at home and had more time to think then ever before. Once I stepped back something finally clicked. I had spent my entire career helping others achieve their dream. What did I really want? These questions started to come to the forefront of my mind. 

I thought of my daughter and how I wanted her to chase her dreams! I had to do the same. I wanted to set the example! I wanted to prove to her that even though something is hard and there may be bumpy roads ahead we should still except the challenge. I have learned that the hard things in life always prove to build us stronger than we were before. So, I discussed this with my husband, and to his credit he has always been one of my biggest supporters, we came up with a plan. We sold our house and everything we had to start this!! Can you believe it?

So here we are! We made it! I will always be here to help you all with any fashion questions, please feel free to contact me (Kait) at foreverlycollection@yahoo.com My goal with this site to provide trend driven fashion for women of all ages!! I hope you love the merchandise as much as I do! I pledge to always support women and their dreams. We will be donating a percentage of our profits every quarter to a female or children's charity. I believe to get ahead you must always give back. And this will continue to be part of our mission as we move forward.

Happy Shopping!!