Neutrals in 22'

Neutrals in 22'

When we first saw neutrals make a strong appearance in 2020, some of us might have thought it was a quick trend. Something that would come in and go out like the wind; but that was not the case. This trend is here to stay. The reason for this?

Well for one, it's not a trend as much as it's a classic palette. The colors include staples such as Cream, White, Ivory, Brown, and Black. 

Second, it has infiltrated all aspects of living, including your home decor and office spaces, there is even a strong chance your phone home screen might have a neutral palette. 

Thirdly, some of our favorite styles just work better in a neutral color way. Plus, they are easily paired with pops of color. So not only do you get to pair your favorite sweater with your tonal palette. You can also pair it with some color, that way you are making the most out of your wardrobe. 

Our Team of Stylists have been cultivating the best collection of neutral items to add to your wardrobe to give you that much needed closet refresh that you are looking for. We have flirty dresses and skirts, sweaters, jackets. Each item has been hand chosen for design and quality! The good thing about foreverly collection is that we spend the time choosing the best styles at the best prices. Nothing in our collection is ever over $100. Plus, it's always free shipping!