Trending Through All Seasons

Trending throughout the year

The Summer Forecast is Sunny

It's summer, and the living is easy! Foreverly’s selection of boutique clothing constantly changes to keep current with the latest beach looks fresh off the dunes. Bathing suits, coverups, and lots of casual pieces in cool, cotton fabrics are at the forefront of our latest collection. Our stylists are falling in love with breezy pieces that bare your skin without sacrificing comfort. When evening rolls around, slip into a pair of denim jeans perfectly distressed for lived-in comfort with style.

We have the pulse for what's trending at the beach or your favorite resort, offering everything from bright, bold bikinis to coverups that double as beautiful loungewear. Thoughtful details like fringe trim, tassel embellishments, and sophisticated patterns create playful silhouettes for anything the summer throws your way. Stroll on the shore in our beachy, wide-leg pants and crop tops done in crisp stripes. Enjoy an evening at your favorite music venue in a breezy, designer print sundress that begs to be twirled.

Looking Ahead to Fall

Summer is the focus right now, but when cooler winds bring crisp afternoons, Foreverly Collection will be filling the shelves with rich jewel tones, intricate patterns, and cool-weather apparel to take off the chill without sacrificing style. Oversized silhouettes with a focus on casual fashion are a hallmark of our sweater collection. Check out the wonderful textures and trendy details for your next go-to piece. Unique Jackets and Leather details will be featured and on display all season long.

Molly and Zoey's Winter Playlist

Comfy loungewear usually heads up our winter fashion collection. You can Netflix and Chill in warm, plush fabrics that run the gamut from soft pastels to funky patterns. Be comfortable without sacrificing great looks with our warm and cozy winter fashions.

As the snow begins to fall and the Christmas music plays through out the stores, we will be focusing on dressing up for the holidays. There is always a twinkle and sparkle that belongs to the holiday season. We always lean into that styling for the holidays. We love mixing knits and sequins, there is something about the juxtaposition of fabrics. Sequins, Silks, Velvets and elevated fabrics shine this time of year.


As trees bud and flowers begin to peek out each year, the stylists at Foreverly Collection are busy studying the latest trends to stock up on fresh finds. Warm days and cool nights mean you'll need lots of options for your spring wardrobe. Start with favorites like tees and tanks as building blocks, then choose layering pieces. Our mix-and-match options mean you can wear short shorts during the day, then switch to wide-leg pants or joggers as the sun goes down.


Whether you're strolling the streets or bar-hopping downtown, our team of stylists is ready to help you put together the perfect summer resort wardrobe. Visit Foreverly Collection online to discover what's new and exciting this week to complete your summer wardrobe!